Affirmations For Positive Thinking

Affirmations For Positive Thinking


The Power of Positive Affirmations for Positive Thinking

We’ve all experienced at least one moment in our lives where we wanted to be happy and confident but our subconscious mind had other thoughts. The negative thoughts crept in when there was no reason for them to and we need to regain our focus and a positive mindset. However, this is often easier said than done.

Repeating positive thoughts over and over is a good starting point, but doesn’t provide the longevity that we need. This is where positive affirmations for positive thinking can help.

What Are Affirmations

affirmations for positive thinking

Affirmations are positive statements that are directed towards you and your life to help you overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. You could think of these as the wish it, want it, do it, mindset, but that doesn’t do them justice. Affirmations are powerful statements that help you understand yourself to reprogram and retrain your brain to think in a more positive way.

Contrary to popular belief, affirmations are often thought to only be used by people with low self-esteem. On the contrary. Positive affirmations help us all think and act in a more positive manner. When repeated on a daily basis, or at least recommended, and are about you, not anybody else, positive affirmations can transform your actions, behavior, and overall well-being.

How to Use Positive Affirmations

These can be used any time, anywhere, by anyone. They can influence nearly every facet of your life.

What do you want to change about yourself or your life?

affirmations for Pos

Think about yourself or your life for a moment. What’s one element that you’d like to change? Maybe you want to increase your confidence at work so you can ask for a promotion. Do you want to ask someone out who you really like but just can’t muster up the courage to ask them? Is there a bad habit that you’d really like to quit but just can’t seem to do? Positive affirmations can help.

Each day when you wake up or before you go to bed, you can repeat your positive affirmations to inflict the positive change you want to see in your life. These should be spoken out loud and are about yourself. They should always begin with “I” and if you can look at yourself in the mirror while repeating them, they become even more effective. This allows you to look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself that you ARE good enough. That you CAN do it.


Be Realistic

Winning the lottery or becoming a superhero are not realistic goals. You cannot will yourself to win the lottery just like you cannot gain superpowers. Your affirmations need to be realistic and achievable so you can see change in your daily life.

You should start small but keep a long-term mindset. Maybe you want to purchase a new car because your current one is on its last wheel. What changes are necessary for you to achieve your long-term goal? If you need more money, you’ll either need a raise or a new job. 

If you have a set goal of weight you want to lose, what are the necessary steps to achieve that goal? Will you use a combination of diet and exercise? Will you focus on diet alone? Will you join a running club?

Every step along the way is an opportunity for you to use positive affirmations. You can ask your boss for a raise. You can lose one pound a week by eating healthier. You can look at your current situation and find the good in it, not the negatives.


Be Positive

positive thinking

 If we sat around all day looking at all the bad that’s in the world around us, we’d never have time to focus on anything else. Start looking at your negatives as positives. Rather than saying you aren’t a good employee and you’ll never get a raise. Think about how much work you do on a daily, weekly basis and how valuable you are to your company. Think about how smart you are and how you’ve come this far in life.

You have the power to change who you are and want to be. It all starts from within and it starts with a positive attitude. Every successful person in life got to where they are because they were determined to get there and never felt that they had reached their full potential. They know what they are capable of and find an alternative. When one door closes, there is another one waiting for you to open it. You just have to reach out and turn the handle.


Take The First Step

In our positive affirmations for positive thinking video, we provide you with the initial framework to turn your negative mindset into a positive one. We’ll help start the reprogramming of your mind so you can find the positive change(s) you want to make in your life.

Start small. Many small positive changes lead to a much larger change. These changes will not happen overnight which is why you need to repeat your affirmations on a daily basis.

At Theta, we are your guide to a happier, more alert, more positive you. We provide you with the tools and the framework to reprogram and retrain your unconscious mind. Our unique GMS (Guided Meditation and Suggestion) therapy is available for anxiety, self-esteem, addiction, weight loss, PTSD, and more.

Learn more about what we do at Theta and how we can help you inflict positive changes throughout your life.

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