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Self Love Affirmations: Accept Who I Am | Empowering 10 Minute Positive Affirmations


Positivity is something that many people in today’s society find difficult to find. It’s easy to say that we look at the positives in our lives, but in reality, wouldn’t it be nicer if they made themselves more obvious? Maybe they don’t need to have bells and whistles or fireworks when something good happens. Maybe we can look at what already exists and have more self-love and appreciation. We can use affirmations for self-love to become someone we love and appreciate.

Self-love is about loving yourself, building your self-esteem, releasing negative thoughts, and being a happier individual. Affirmations for self-love help you understand and realize that just because something negative happened in your life doesn’t mean it can or will happen again.


What are Affirmations for Self-Love?

Affirmations are small sayings that are repeated to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. You know the kind. When things are going great at work but for some reason, you can’t shake a negative thought that you’ll never be good enough and work will let you go. Affirmations for self-love are repeated to help you feel good about yourself, to increase your confidence, and help you reprogram your mind to think more positively.


These positive daily affirmations should be repeated on a daily basis, yes daily. To take three minutes a day to remind yourself that you are a smart person, that you are loved by those around you, that you are good enough, that’s a powerful message and great way to start or end your day.


Repetition with affirmations is why they are so powerful. All of your affirmations for self-love should start with “I am” because they’re all about YOU. You are the one in control of your life and it’s important to remind yourself of that.


Why Positive Affirmations are Important

Thinking more positively about yourself is a huge step towards a more positive outlook about yourself, your behavior, and your overall well-being. You can use these affirmations in any situations where you’d like to see a positive change in your life.


Affirmations for self-love can be used when:

  • You think negatively about where you are in your career.
  • You let negative thoughts about a relationship that has no flaws creep in.
  • You want to quit smoking or another bad habit but you tell don’t think you can.
  • You feel like you aren’t enough.


When you can reinforce positive thoughts about yourself, your confidence increases, your behavior changes for the better, your posture improves, and your self-love improves. Positive thinking on a daily basis and reinforcing that positive message will transform other aspects of your life, not just your own. Your friends and family will notice you’re more positive and that can translate to them making a change. Your coworkers will notice a more positive you and appreciate more of your work and how important your job is. You can wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and know that each day is a great day that will be filled with self-love.


Affirmations for Self-Love

In our first video for affirmations for self-love, we’ll focus on yourself and some techniques that will focus on breathing, visualization, and positivity. This is about retraining and reprograming your unconscious mind so you can replace existing negative thoughts with positive ones that will lead to unconscious changes throughout your life.


The affirmations that you choose are important, but there is more to this than thinking more positively.


  • Believe in yourself and what this is. Understand that by making a few small changes can and will lead to larger positive changes throughout your life. This isn’t a “get happy quick” scheme. This is a repetitive process that you’ll need to commit to.
  • Find a place in your home where you can remind yourself of these affirmations on a daily basis. Creating a list and putting them on your bedside table so you see them first thing in the morning is a great way to practice daily. Putting your list next to your mirror will remind you to speak these daily affirmations and look at yourself while you do it.
  • Commitment and repetition. This is one small piece of you starting to reprogram yourself. You need to believe in yourself and commit to making a change for the better. You’ll be amazed by what a quick video of affirmations for self-love will do for you.


Getting Started

These guided videos are just one small piece towards improving your self-love. At Theta, we take it a step further to reprogram and retrain your unconscious mind to improve more than just your self-love. You’ll find that we can help reduce your anxiety, help you recognize and reduce your stressors, and more.


Thinking clearly is an unbelievable tool that everyone would love to feel. Our goal is to help you understand how you can do so.


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