Do You Need Change

In Your Life?

Theta’s GMS™ (Guided Meditation and Suggestion) therapy has proven to help those suffering from depression see the positives in what could be negative situations. Far too often people see themselves with a dark cloud over their head. With GMS™, we help improve self-confidence and instill a brighter, more positive outlook on life.

Meditation For Depression

Meditation For Depression

Depression is far too common and has many different ways of disguising itself. Consistently low moods can interfere with your daily life. Meditation won’t make your symptoms disappear but it can improve your day to day tremendously. The slowing down process during meditation allows you to pay attention to what is going on inside of you at the present moment. Being fully aware of what is, allowing yourself to sit with that, and retraining those thoughts and triggers into a positive.

You will learn how to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without passing judgment or criticizing yourself. GMS doesn’t involve pushing away these thoughts or pretending you don’t have them. Instead, you will learn to acknowledge them, then let them go. This enables you to look at your life in a much more positive light, as well as giving your self-confidence a boost.  You will no longer dwell in the past which will help you lead a much more fulfilling, positive life enabling you to be released from your depression.

What is GMS™

The way we think and what we constantly think about determines what we achieve and fail to achieve throughout our daily lives. Most of us believe we are consciously in charge of our thoughts, but this is far from the truth. According to cognitive neuroscience, our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depend on the 95% of brain activity that is unconscious, which is influenced by our past conditioning, experiences as well as of the collective cultural mind-set we inherited.

GMS is quite simple, through meditation one enters into a deeper state of suggestibility. Once in this state, Guided Meditation and Suggestion is used to influence emotional, behavioral, and cognitive change to align with your personal goals.

The GMS technique is derived and influenced from using a combination of theories.











How Does

Theta Work?

At Theta, we are here only as guides to help facilitate rapid unconscious change within yourself. We provide you with the tools and methods specifically tailored to you to help you reprogram your unconscious mind. We believe all that you achieve, as well as the breakdowns in achievement, is the direct result of your thoughts and how you use them. The power of true change comes from within.

How Theta Works

Treatment Areas

GMS is a powerful tool with diverse applications that can be paired with a healthy lifestyle and complementary to conventional medicine. The following is a list of our common applications but not limited to other areas that may interest your specific needs.

Theta For Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety / Depression

Theta For Self Esteem Issues

Self Esteem Issues

Theta For "Addictions"


Theta For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Theta For Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

Theta For PTSD


What To Expect

In a Session

  • You will be anonymously assigned an instructor.
  • You will discuss your expectations, goals, and intentions.
  • You will be guided into a meditative state of relaxation for higher suggestibility.
  • You will be given tasks to complete at home, between sessions.
  • You will be taught self techniques to help continue you on your journey outside of sessions and long after sessions are over.

PLEASE NOTE : It is very important for us to gather as much important information about you as you are willing to give. Confidentiality is our number one priority and at Theta we understand the information you share with us is personal, privileged communication that will be kept completely anonymous and private.

How Theta Works


Ready to Make a Change?

For GMS(™) to work, you have to want it to work. If you really want it to work… If you really want the change you are looking for... GMS will work beautifully for you.