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Theta, a unique GMS™ (Guided Meditation and Suggestion) therapy to help motivate individuals to be the best they can be. Far too often we seek help from others to provide us with the motivation to get studying. At Theta, we help YOU realize that the only person who can motivate you is yourself.

Meditation For Study Motivation

Studying and learning can only take you so far in life, yet, it can feel so hard to get down to it. Whether it’s studying for school or studying to advance your career; finding the motivation to do so can be challenging. Modern life continually demands your attention, whether it’s towards commercials, something on the internet, friends, or TV, all of these things can feel easier to give your attention than studying.

GMS therapy will help you detach from all the distractions around you and reassert your reasons for studying. These motivations will be incorporated into your unconscious mind where they will drive your focus and motivation when it comes time to study.

When looking to increase your focus and motivation for studying, part of your strategy needs to be, why are you studying and what are you studying for. Because presumably, it connects to what you want your life to ultimately be about.

You can have all these distractions- stuff you do as a way of not studying, but ask yourself, do you want your life to be about drinking coffee, playing computer games, watching TV, chatting to friends, or, do you have bigger fish to fry? Your life is all about what you do with it.

What is GMS™

The way we think and what we constantly think about determines what we achieve and fail to achieve throughout our daily lives. Most of us believe we are consciously in charge of our thoughts, but this is far from the truth. According to cognitive neuroscience, our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depend on the 95% of brain activity that is unconscious, which is influenced by our past conditioning, experiences as well as of the collective cultural mind-set we inherited.

GMS is quite simple, through meditation one enters into a deeper state of suggestibility. Once in this state, Guided Meditation and Suggestion is used to influence emotional, behavioral, and cognitive change to align with your personal goals.

The GMS technique is derived and influenced from using a combination of theories.

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How Does

Theta Work?

At Theta, we are here only as guides to help facilitate rapid unconscious change within yourself. We provide you with the tools and methods specifically tailored to you to help you reprogram your unconscious mind. We believe all that you achieve, as well as the breakdowns in achievement, is the direct result of your thoughts and how you use them. The power of true change comes from within.

Treatment Areas

GMS is a powerful tool with diverse applications that can be paired with a healthy lifestyle and complementary to conventional medicine. The following is a list of our common applications but not limited to other areas that may interest your specific needs.

What To Expect

In a Session

  • You will be anonymously assigned an instructor.
  • You will discuss your expectations, goals, and intentions.
  • You will be guided into a meditative state of relaxation for higher suggestibility.
  • You will be given tasks to complete at home, between sessions.
  • You will be taught self techniques to help continue you on your journey outside of sessions and long after sessions are over.

PLEASE NOTE : It is very important for us to gather as much important information about you as you are willing to give. Confidentiality is our number one priority and at Theta we understand the information you share with us is personal, privileged communication that will be kept completely anonymous and private.


Theta GMS is an innovative therapy that provides powerful results. With years of research and development, this cutting-edge approach can help you address your deepest issues. Theta GMS is both cost effective and convenient, giving you the freedom to experience life-changing transformation on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Take control of your mental health today with the power of Theta GMS! With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Try it today and start feeling better.


1 personalized session that lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, tailored to each individual's specific needs
Session Over Zoom
Includes Recorded Session
Money Back Gaurantee


1 personalized session that lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, tailored to each individual's specific needs.
Session Over Zoom
Includes Recorded Session
Money Back Gaurantee


5 personalized session that lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, tailored to each individual's specific needs.
Session Over Zoom
Includes Recorded Session
Money Back Gaurantee

Ready to Make a Change?

For GMS(™) to work, you have to want it to work. If you really want it to work… If you really want the change you are looking for… GMS will work beautifully for you.
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