Meditation for Working Out


Where Meditation Improves Your Workout Routine


Meditation For Workout

With meditation, you’ll find improvements across numerous elements of your body.

Increased Stamina

Burnout and fatigue can set in during workouts. You’re pushing yourself to the limit, which is good!, but to get the most out of your workout stamina is needed. Meditation helps increase your stamina as you’ll be able to dig deeper into your mind and your unconscious mind to find that extra drive to keep pushing forward.


Increased Muscle Mass

You won’t become the worlds strongest man or woman overnight, but, meditation will help with your definition and muscle mass. This is because as you practice meditative techniques and couple that with your workout routine, your stress levels will decrease, your stamina will increase, and your drive to continue working out will increase. Meditation is a powerful tool when it’s combined with other elements.


Improved Recovery

Working out takes a tole on your body. You’re making tiny tears in your muscle to build it back stronger. In order to properly recover, rest and relaxation is needed at times in order to not cause any serious damage to yourself. As you train and workout, you’ll find that meditation helps you relax more and react differently to stressful situations. These minor changes help reduce stress on your muscles so you can recover quicker and more effectively.


Heighten Being in the Moment

Meditation is about being mindful and providing clarity to yourself. When you workout, there are numerous distractions, with the most common being music. Music is a great motivator but can often be a distraction that detracts from our workouts.

When you workout, be fully present. Don’t watch the TV in the gym, don’t read any material available, don’t have your headphones blasting the newest Drake song. Breathe, be mindful, and be present. You’ll find your workouts are much more impactful.


Breathe With Purpose

Breathing is a crucial part of working out and improving your stamina. As you workout, notice your breath, acknowledge it, accept it. Notice the rhythm of your breathing and keep it going. If your breathing gets out of rhythm, take a moment, pause, regroup, and get back on track. Your body needs oxygen, stay on the right track to ensure it receives enough.

Increased Clarity

When working out, notice and be mindful of what’s going through your mind. Are small distractions getting in the way of your workout, or are you able to push them to the side and stay focused? Meditation will help you stay focused, stay clear, and allow you to not let the little things get in your way. Not only working out, but throughout other elements of your life as well.


Start Improving Your Workout Routine Today

Start Improving Your Workout Routine Today

If asked, you could probably point out all the times when your approach to stock trading was emotional rather than rational. This is another example of focusing on the losses, not the wins you’ve had. If you’ve ever studied the great traders, the one constant element that is mentioned by them all is that they remain calm. Easier said than done.

When emotions engulf us, we experience what is known as ’emotional hijacking’. The more fear or greed you experience around your stock trading, the harder it is to think clearly. The part of your brain which thinks logically, the neo-cortex, is swamped by emotions and loses the ability to operate properly.

At Theta, our goal is to not only help you improve your stock trading habits and thought processing, but improve your overall self. Meditation does more than just improve one facet of your life. It’s something that can transform your entire self and well-being.

Our GMS (Guided Meditation and Suggestion) therapy will help you reprogram your thought processing by retraining your unconscious mind. GMS will help you approach stock trading more calmly and strategically which can help lead to better results. Learn more about Theta GMS today to take your stock trading to new heights.

Our physique is a unique thing in our lives. It’s a never-ending story where all we want to do is look good. Having definitive muscles, six-pack abs, being able to lift heavy objects without strain. Everyone has different goals for their workout journey, but not everyone has the motivation and drive to get started.

The joke that a treadmill is the most expensive clothes hanger you’ll ever buy holds far more truth than not. We all have aspirations and goals, it’s just hard to achieve them when roadblocks and obstacles present themselves.

You want to improve your health but the motivation and confidence to get started is holding you back. There’s nothing you want more than to exercise on a regular basis to start improving your health. You’ll get started tomorrow, but far too often, tomorrow never comes.

There’s an effective solution to help get you started- meditation.

How Meditation Helps

Meditation comes in many different forms for many different purposes. Meditation is much more than sitting in your home with your eyes closed for 15 minutes thinking positive thoughts. It’s about being mindful, attentive, confident, and conscious of who you are, your thoughts, your behavior, and your actions.

Motivation is a positive correlation between the mind and body. When you feel good and you have clear thoughts, you can do anything you put your mind to. Meditation is a link that helps provide that positive feeling.

Those who already meditate can tell share the benefits of their meditative techniques, but remember, everyone uses meditation differently and for different reasons. It’s a unique experience for each individual as they go through their own journey and become more mindful.

You’ll find that your overall mood and outlook will improve, your energy levels will increase, your focus will heighten, your self-confidence will improve with Self Love . All of these positive elements will help lead you to an improved workout routine. A clear mind helps create a clean, healthy body.

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