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For over 11 years, we’ve been providing our clients with private sessions and the best guarantees in the industry. Our continuous improvement policy has resulted in higher client satisfaction each year, thanks to feedback.

Our Guarantee

We are not able to guarantee a professional service the same as a consumer product. If you are interested in a client relationship, please carefully read this page. A retailer will refund you the price of the product, but we won’t buy it back if we are providing hypnotherapy services.

We view refunds instead as “buying” constructive feedback up to three times, which is the maximum amount of refund. You will need to submit a substantive complaint meeting these criteria in order to be eligible for a refund.

  • Please tell us what went wrong. Do not sugarcoat your feedback. Kindness to us looks like honesty, openness, and transparency. We want to hear the truth behind your dissatisfaction.
  • Relevant: You must complain about something that is within our control, such as our communication, professionalism or processes. Anything that is beyond our control, like decisions you make yourself, cannot be guaranteed. We cannot accept responsibility for any expectations not based upon the claims we have made. Before we accept a complaint like “it didn’t work”, we need to understand it better.
  • Actionable We welcome feedback to help us improve our relationship with clients in the future. If your complaint is solely based on your personal preferences and does not apply to others, we cannot improve. While it’s fine to vent, we want to know what the future holds.

Although your complaint does not have to be long, it must meet the criteria for our guarantee. If your request for a refund or a redo of a session is not in compliance with these criteria, we will ask for you to submit a new complaint (see next section for examples).

If you cannot write a complaint that meets these criteria, our refund policy may not be applicable to your situation. The best thing to do is to continue your treatment plan and gain a better understanding of people’s changing behaviors.

These terms enable us to stand behind and improve our work, while also preventing clients from abusing our goodwill or abandoning responsibility. A leather goods manufacturer might offer a guarantee on its products against defects of materials and workmanship that are within its control, but not misuse or accidental damages that are the responsibility of the buyer. This distinction makes it clear that real problems can be fixed, and unrealistic expectations cannot be rewarded.

Clear Examples

Non-qualifying complaint “I have recommenced smoking, so I would like my sessions refunded.” “The sessions were very relaxing but Theta GMS did not work for me.”

These complaints do not explain how we failed to fulfill our obligations, or what other faults we may have. These results are often caused by factors beyond our control such as the client’s decision-making, the influence or unanticipated stressesors. We also see that the client is denying their agency. This is something we don’t want to encourage.

Our guarantee is null if you are unable to describe what went wrong. You would be better off continuing with your sessions until you get the results you desire.

Qualifying complaint. “I told my therapist that I was a vegetarian when I had my intake. But, in my third session, she included poultry as one of the foods I can enjoy. It made me sick, and I couldn’t focus or listen to after that. Unfortunately, I will have to start all over again with another therapist. It is important to take better notes on people’s dietary restrictions.

This complaint is important, relevant, and can be taken into consideration. We are clearly guilty and can learn from this complaint. We will be refunded the fees for the three sessions and we will accept our apologies

Additional Terms and Notes

Because of the uncertainty involved and the impossibility to reverse time, we guarantee both private and in-office sessions. Because we have a better understanding of our work than new clients, this can make it easier to move forward with Theta GMS. We are also willing to take the chance that we might miss something during your first sessions. However, we cannot assume that or may make a mistake.

Remember that clients and therapists are usually not allowed to get a refund. This is why it is important to avoid the worst-case scenario early. You should be honest with your therapist, set expectations that match our treatment plan, be positive and optimistic about your journey to change your perspectives and behaviours, and consider this policy as a last resort.

This policy is applicable to sessions you have paid for and completed. Sessions that you have prepaid but not completed can be refunded upon request. This policy is subject to our 24-hour cancellation policy. The session will end promptly if you are unable to be placed in a state of suggestionibility during the first session. This is usually determined through standard depth testing, which we do in the first fifteen minutes.

Sometimes, we may offer to repeat a session free of charge at our discretion. The same conditions apply in this case: first, we need to receive a complaint that meets the criteria above before taking responsibility for your dissatisfaction.

You can only pay the fees if you are the payer and not the client. We consider our clients to be in complete control of their treatment. We cannot accept any refund requests from clients unless you are the legal guardian.

Recorded sessions cannot be refunded because you can access the work online and have it outlined beforehand. After editing, you can also download the recordings. A recording is usually the last session of a series. This gives us time to get the message across. We will never deliver recordings with voice or content that is not what you are able to reasonably expect, based on the information you have in advance.

Your first treatment plan will be written free of charge. Additional written treatment plans will be charged if required.

Except in cases where you have prepaid and need to cancel because of illness, group sessions, classes, and workshops cannot be refunded.

All products come with their own policies regarding refunds, which will be explained at the point-of-sale.

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