Meditation for Personal Development

Life comes at us in hundreds, thousands of different ways. Many of us go through life just trying to figure out what our next career move will be. What is the secret to success? While we’re always looking for external answers, we often neglect to look towards ourself to see what we truly want. Personal development is something that will help get us closer to our desired goals. We have so much untapped potential, we need to start releasing it.

Realign and Refocus

The human brain makes over 60,000 decisions every single day. Divide 60,000 by 24 hours in a day and we’re at 2,500 decisions per hour. If we get even more granular, we learn our brain is making over 41 decisions every minute. For many of us, it’s no wonder why we can’t focus. There are new thoughts popping in and out of our head’s nearly every second of the day.

One of the first steps towards personal development and personal growth is reducing the number of thoughts we have. Easier said than done. If we can cut down on the clutter and reduce the amount of decisions we need to make, we can refocus our attention on the important elements of our lives.

When we allow ourselves to focus on the important things, we can realign and refocus on what we want to accomplish. We allow ourselves to create a pathway to achieve our goals, to achieve a better us.

Focusing on Ourselves

Meditation is a practice that helps us relax, calm our minds, and focus on ourselves. It’s so easy to get distracted every second of the day that in the blink of an eye, a week, month, or can fly bye. Meditation is a great way to reduce the negativity we choose to recognize and associate ourselves with. 

The first step to focusing on ourselves begins with just that, realizing and understanding that we need to make a change to put ourself first.

Realign Your Morals

It’s easy to think that we’re good people. At the end of the day, we do want the best for those we hold near and dear to us. When met with a moral dilemma, a study was conducted that showed people who practiced meditation were more likely to act more kindly and help individuals who were in need. So not only does meditation help ourselves, it’s proven to help others as well. It goes beyond the scope of self to focus on the masses.

Increase Your Intuition

Reliance on our Intuition

How often do we rely on our intuition? On a daily basis. With such a heavy reliance on our intuition, it’s easy to think we’re on the right path because we have that tingling sensation. When in reality, our intuition can be misguided or pushing us more towards what we WANT to happen rather than what we know is the more realistic outcome. Meditation will help improve your intuition to empower your subconscious to come to the forefront of your decision making. Remember, when you’re thinking clearly, you’re acting clearly and with more guided intent.

Control Your Emotions

With over 60,000 thoughts and decisions racing through our heads every day, it’s no wonder how easy it is for negative thoughts and emotions to creep in. Anxiety, fear, worry, anger, depression, guilt, are all emotions that affect people differently. When these emotions go unaddressed, they can quickly spiral out of control. Meditation helps improve our response to different stressors and situations to respond in a calmer, more manageable way. No more overreacting, no more outbursts, no more episodes. Just a calmer, more peaceful you.

Meditation Relaxes the Mind

Meditation has been proven to help:

  • Calm our pre-frontal cortex (PFC) to reduce anxiety
  • Increase our self awareness and concentration
  • Regulate brain waves to bring them to a frequency that suits our lifestyle

Meditation Benefits the Body

Meditation has been proven to:

  • Relax our muscles and reduce muscle tension
  • Reduce and balance blood pressure
  • Improve sleeping patterns to sleep longer and more sound
  • Reduce and slow our heart rate

How to Get Started

Theta’s Solution

If meditation is new to you, great, welcome to the family! One of the best first steps is to start small and start slow. Jumping in thinking you’ll be a peaceful, all-knowing sage in the first week isn’t attainable. Take a few minutes each day to just slow your breathing in a quiet, calming location.

The first few times you meditate will be an experience like no other for you. You’ll experience a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. You’ll begin to clear your mind but you’ll also notice that some negative thoughts and emotions creep in. This is normal! You’re slowing down your thought process, your breathing, your everything during meditation. Your mind is at such rest and peace that it’s natural for negative thoughts to creep in because you’re now recognizing what is causing these emotions. Why are you feeling this way? What is triggering this? When we can recognize the source of negative thoughts and emotions, we can understand how to deal and handle them when they arise.

Theta’s Solution

At Theta, we provide GMS (Guided Meditation and Suggestion) to help act in a more effective and directed way. Our meditation therapy can help you better manage your emotions, personal effectiveness, productivity, creativity, optimism, and overall mindset to lead a more fulfilling life.

Learn more about our meditation for personal development to begin leading a more peaceful, fulfilling life today.

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